Technical property rights abroad

Besides Austrian patent applications, we also offer the opportunity to protect your invention internationally. There are various options for this, depending on the desired territorial protection area.

If a protection is desired in several countries, a PCT procedure is advisable. The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) procedure is a unified registration procedure for the associated contracting states and offers you the advantage that you will generally have 30 to 31 months counted from the filing date of a first patent application to designate additional countries where the property right should be claimed.

In addition, there is the possibility of a European patent application in the scope of the EPC (European Patent Convention), which establishes a uniform procedure for granting a patent for the associated contracting states. Therefore, the patent will be centrally audited by the European Patent Office and subsequently divided into a set of national patents of the designated contracting states (said contracting states are independent of the political European Union).

Such transnational patent conventions also exist for the African (ARIPO, OAPI) and Eurasian (EAPC) area.


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