Service invention

If your invention refers to the field of work in which you are active, it is considered a service invention.

Your remuneration for a service invention depends on your work in the company:

  • If the invention was made in the ordinary course of business, if you received the suggestion for the invention on the service, or if you benefited from the experience and resources of the company, you would be entitled to a reasonable compensation from the employee.

  • If you were explicitly employed for inventor's work in the company, a special remuneration will only be granted taking into account the already higher remuneration of the inventor due to the inventor's activity.

The remuneration of your company shall be calculated on the basis of the economic relevance of the invention to the company, its exploitation domestically and internationally and the contribution of the company to the inventive step.

The compensation may also be adjusted retrospectively upon request, although this may not lead to any repayments by you to the company. This is true even in certain circumstances in a transfer of the invention to third parties.

If the amount of your remuneration depends on the usage of the invention by the employer, and the employer doesn’t use the invention economically, you will still be eligible for compensation.

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