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Greatest possible scope of protection with simultaneous high legal validity

The quality of industrial property rights is dependend on their maximum effectiveness - in other words, the greatest possible scope of protection with simultaneous  high legal validity is desired. To ensure this balance, we intensively work with the core of your idea. Only a professional discussion enables a well-founded knowledge of opportunities and possible risks. A prudent IPR strategy includes not only technical property rights, but also brands and designs.


Our focus includes the supervision of industrial property rights in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, electrical machinery and drives, mechatronic systems, electrical engineering, information and communication technologies, as well as polymer engineering, polymer chemistry, process engineering, biotechnology and biophysics.

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The patent law firm Hübscher & Partner Patentanwälte was founded more than 70 years ago in Linz. Since then we represent and advise clients at home and abroad. Our most important task is to resolve all your concerns of intellectual property on the basis of technical and scientific expertise - from the initial consultation on the registration of property rights to the enforcement and defense of your rights.

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